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Connie Whittle

Art Director

Thinker. Painter. Inventor. Blu Tac sculptor. Living in the (Creative) Clouds.

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Who is Connie?

I'm a free-spirited, unconventional thinker with a passion for creativity. My journey has taken me through big and small agencies: BBDO Dublin, White Label, TLC Marketing, and my current role at Anything is Possible. 

I have worked collaboratively in art director/copywriter teams and also independently. I'm well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite, which allows me to bring ideas to life, and I am experienced in client-facing roles, ensuring their needs are met. I have vast remote experience and have travelled (quite literally) around the globe whilst art directing. It is my creative fuel for unique, inspiring and diverse ideas.

I hold a first-class degree in Creative Advertising, have a diverse portfolio of brands, and have experience in everything from TVCs to banner ads.


London/ Remote

07917 126641

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